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Meet Austin’s Best Personal Trainers

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Tim Kaderli

Founder / Chief Motivator / Boot Camp Coach and Personal Trainer

Founder / Chief Motivator / Boot Camp Coach and personal trainer Tim is proud to have been born and raised in Austin, TX and feels fortunate to call Austin home. Coming from a family of 6 with two athletic older brothers, an athletic younger sister a father who coached them all in little league sports and a mom who was there to cheer everyone on he quickly learned to love all things sport. He played soccer, baseball, basketball, track and football growing up and lettered in soccer, track and football at McCallum H.S. before going on to play and letter in collegiate football at Texas State University in San Marcos.

Becoming professionally involved in fitness, personal training, coaching, and leading others was a natural progression born from his extensive background of applied knowledge and expertise in nutrition, athletics, and fitness. Tim has been heavily involved in the fitness industry in Austin for the past 5 years. He has coached, motivated and led hundreds of Austin’s (now) most fit women and men toward their fitness goals. When he is not coaching boot camp you can probably find him spending some quality contemplative time at the gym, enjoying the trail at Town Lake, or reading a motivational book. Fit Tour, NSAM and CPR certified.

Synergy High Intensity Training – Parmer Lane (All Times)

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Kristina Kaderli

Boot Camp Coach. Certified Meal Planning, Fitness Trainer

Kristina comes to us from Bellevue, IA. She leads through example, is an experienced figure competitor, fitness model for the Naturally Fit agency and is the embodiment of a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her extensive background, personal training, and real world application of both fitness and nutrition give her the leadership ability, motivation and skill to help you achieve your goals.

ISSA Certified Trainer and Meal Planning Specialist

Synergy High Intensity Training – Parmer Lane: 4p, 5:30p and 6:30p

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Ty Reagan

Head Boot Camp Coach and Coach Trainer. Personal Trainer.

Ty Reagan strives to become an ultra endurance athlete. He found his passion for endurance exercise back in high school when he was in Boy Scouts and doing activities with his father. He went to college at Texas State University where he earned two bachelor degrees in Music Education and Jazz Performance. Music has always been a passion of Ty’s, but once he finished his education degree he just couldn’t see himself as a music teacher. So while he was trying to decide what he wanted to do he joined the Army National Guard. The Army gave Ty mental toughness and fueled his obsession for exercise. Once out of Army Boot Camp he began to do intensive study in nutrition and personal training regiments, which led him to doing many ultra events: such as the Bandera Ultra 50k trail run, which he came in 9th place in 2009.

That’s when the light bulb went off. Combine his teacher skills and his enthusiasm for exercise and that makes a pretty good personal trainer and coach. Now Ty thrives to be the best coach possible and has found a new passion in life which is to help people get to a fitness level that they never thought possible and to help them find the fun in living a healthy high endurance activity life.
Ty is ACE and CPR certified.

Covington Middle School: 5:30am Triangle: 7:30am, Zilker Park: 12:00pm, Zilker Park: 5:00pm, Ramsey Park: 7:00pm

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Pam Moorhead

Level 1 Boot Camp Coach. Personal Trainer. Group Fitness Instructor.

Pam Moorhead has been a Texan most of her life, but she moved to Austin last year after spending 5 years in Omaha as a mid-westerner. She has a great husband named Jim and 3 incredible teenagers. Pam studied Exercise Science while at Baylor and went on to get her master’s degree in Corporate Health Education from the University of North Texas. Her free time at Baylor was spent as a cheerleader and she loved yelling at the crowd and encouraging the team to do their best. When she gave up her full time fitness career to have kids, she decided to use those same skills to instruct classes and coach boot camps in a personal training capacity.

Pam believes that true change happens from the inside out and she is passionate about helping people find fulfillment in every aspect of their lives. ACE, IDEA, and CPR certified.

Leander H.S. 5:30a Milburn Park: 9:00a.

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Eugene Williams

Boot Camp Coach. Personal Trainer

Eugene has a passion for people and fitness. His extensive knowledge and expertise of fitness and nutrition will not only get you in the best shape possible but he could save your live…Eugene is also a certified EMT and Fire fighter whose passion for others is reflected in his life long dream (if needed) of running into your home, and saving lives and your belongings.

He believes in success through hard work and commitment to fitness!

Canyon Vista: 5:30am

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Alison Ousterhout

Boot Camp Coach. Tri-Athlete Training. Personal Trainer. Group Fitness Instructor.

Alison grew up as a dancer and continued to dance and choreograph professionally until 1997. From there she made the transition into the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor. During that time Alison was inspired by the people around her to try a triathlon. Since then, she fell in love with the sport and has competed in over 20 triathlons of various distances. Alison is currently a fitness instructor and teaches a variety of formats such as cycle, functional training, Zumba, and strength classes.

She is also a triathlon coach, with a focus on helping women compete in their first triathlon. Alison loves motivating, coaching, and educating others. “Inspiring others to do something they never imagined possible is priceless,”-she says. ACE, CPR certified.

Synergy High Intensity Training – Parmer Lane 5:30a

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Laura Dugan

Boot Camp Coach. Personal Trainer

The Triangle: 5:30a

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Billy Satterwhite

Boot Camp Coach. Personal Trainer.

Billy is a musician, composer, teacher, endurance athlete, and fitness coach. A native Texan from Houston, he made is way towards Austin by way of Texas State University in 2005, where he Majored in Jazz Studies on the Double Bass. While in college, Billy met future Synergy fitness coach Ty Reagan. In addition to performing together in a variety of musical settings, Ty also introduced Billy to the world of running. In 2010 Billy traveled to Ann Arbor, MI where he received a Masters of Music in Improvisation.

While in Michigan Billy continued to cultivate his interest in running and fitness. This interest turned into a passion. While in Michigan he ran the Detroit Marathon and became an avid rock climber, in addition to growing leaps and bounds as a musician. Billy joined Synergy Fitness as a coach in October of 2012, and is extremely happy to be using his passion for fitness to hopefully inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. He believes that through exercise, good diet, and self-awareness anyone can realize their potential in all areas of life. In addition to coaching, he is also one of the top jazz bassists in Austin and can be seen performing around town with the Kris Kimura Quartet. He teaches bass and guitar lessons, trains as an ultra endurance runner, and loves it when he has the time to hang out with his family!

Steiner Ranch at Steiner Towne Square: 800a and 9:30am

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Joe Cooper

Manager. Boot Camp Coach. Personal Trainer.

Joe is always an active person, Joe has participated in numerous sports both individual and team oriented over the years. He grew up playing soccer and was an elite soccer athlete by the age of 10. In addition to soccer, Joe has experience playing football, competing in track and field, racing BMX, mountain biking, and is an avid trail runner.

Although Joe has 10 years of experience in corporate marketing and account management, he feels most fulfilled when helping others achieve their personal goals. Joe’s wellness philosophy is focused on the mind / body connection and he believes in order to achieve mental and emotional health you must ensure optimal physical health.

Zilker Park: 6:45a, 8:30a

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Matthew Bryant

Boot Camp Coach. Personal Trainer.

Being active has been part of Matt Bryant’s life since he was a kid, but he then went many years without being in a training program. After he joined a friend and trained for a half-marathon he was back in action. Matt is passionate about fitness, running, and competing. Through it all, he enjoys pushing himself, testing his limits and encouraging those around him to do the same.

He was immediately hooked at how fun and fulfilling it was, and he decided to test his limits in a new way as a boot camp instructor himself. His philosophy on fitness includes combining proper nutrition with consistent work outs and is excited to share his knowledge with others. He is a natural encourager and motivator and looks forward to having you in his class.

NASM and CPR Certified

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Courtney Askins

Boot Camp Coach, Group Fitness Instructor

Courtney is a native Texan. She is originally from Houston and has lived in Austin since 2004. Courtney spent most of her professional career managing restaurants. After she and her husband, Travis, had their son, Ford, Courtney became a full-time Mom and started a custom art and mural business.

After a couple of years, she decided it was time to really do something for herself and found that “something” in going to Body Combat classes…and that’s where her fitness journey began. She then got certified to teach Body Combat and that lead her to becoming a Boot Camp Coach.

She is so proud to be a part of a team of amazing coaches and motivators and feels that if her job is to help improve lives, then she’s got the best job on the planet.

Synergy Fitness Steiner 6:00am – AFAA Certified, CPR/AED Certified, Les Mills-Body Combat Certified